Advent Calendar

Dec 20th

Jonathan Reinink

Jonathan Reinink

Freelance Web Developer

Where do you live? Jonathan Reinink Ontario, Canada
What are your roles / titles / jobs / companies? Jonathan Reinink Freelance Web Developer
Are you more Christmas Cheer or Bah Humbug over the festive period? Jonathan Reinink Christmas Cheer
Would you rather have to always A) Talk like Yoda or B) Breathe like Darth Vader? Jonathan Reinink Talk like Yoda
What non-tech book have you read most recently? Jonathan Reinink The Bible
What technical book have you been reading? Jonathan Reinink The New CSS Layout by A Book Apart
With Christmas coming soon, what is your favorite thing about this time of year? Jonathan Reinink Spending time with my wife and kids
What TV show are you currently into? Jonathan Reinink Hockey Night in Canada
What is your Christmas morning routine or Christmas Day routine? Jonathan Reinink We visit my family, hang out, are super lazy, drink way too much coffee
For this Christmas, what would be your ideal gift? Jonathan Reinink Grid Layout support in all browsers
What is your animal of choice? Dog , Cat or Other Jonathan Reinink Bacon
What is your favorite hobby, sport or pastime that isn't coding Jonathan Reinink Golfing
A lot of the Laravel community are musical, do you have a favorite band or song? Jonathan Reinink Eagles
Something every coder must know - what IDE doe you use? Jonathan Reinink Sublime
The Laravel forums and chat rooms often feels like a breath of fresh air in comparison to other online groups to me. What do you like most about the Laravel community? Jonathan Reinink The shared aspiration to get things doneā€”to actually ship something
What was the last conference you went to? Jonathan Reinink phpDay 2016 in Verona
What is the one piece of technology (hardware or software) that you cannot do without? Jonathan Reinink Tailwind CSS (obviously)
Easy one now! What is your favorite food? Jonathan Reinink Green Curry
I listen to podcast every day and most Laraveler's do too. What is your current podcast stack? Jonathan Reinink Full Stack Radio, The Bike Shed, The Laravel Podcast, The Art of Product Podcast
Have you got any sage wisdom or advice; it doesn't have to be technical - you want to share with the Laravel Community? Jonathan Reinink Don't get caught in the impossible pursuit of technical perfection. Strive for simplicity constantly. Write the minimum lines of code needed to get the job done. Don't over-engineer for hypothetical future changes. Build and actually ship products customers will love.
What is one thing you have always wanted to know? Jonathan Reinink What happened to Forrst? They were one E short of a forrest! Do all tools like this (i.e. Dribbbbbl) need to be mispelled?
What is your favorite Christmas movie? Jonathan Reinink The Family Man
Not many of us as a kid wanted to be a developer or designer, or even knew that was an option. What did you want to be? Jonathan Reinink PHP 4 programmer
Star Wars or Star Trek? Jonathan Reinink Star Trek
How do you pronounce Laravel; Laara or Lahra? Jonathan Reinink Laravel (like 'Lara' Croft) LAHRA-VEL
Are you going to be coding in your free time over Christmas? Jonathan Reinink Yes
Do you have a secret talent? Jonathan Reinink I can grow broccoli
Would you rather have A) a comically large head or B) comically large feet? Jonathan Reinink Have comically large feet
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