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Dec 19th

Jack McDade

Jack McDade

Wilderborn & Stamatic Owner

Where do you live? Jack McDade Upstate New York
What are your roles / titles / jobs / companies? Jack McDade I own Wilderborn, whose primary business our product Statamic (built on Laravel)
Are you more Christmas Cheer or Bah Humbug over the festive period? Jack McDade Christmas Cheer
Would you rather have to always A) Talk like Yoda or B) Breathe like Darth Vader? Jack McDade Talk like Yoda
What non-tech book have you read most recently? Jack McDade Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson. I haven't finished it yet though, it weighs 3 1/2 lbs.
What technical book have you been reading? Jack McDade I don't really read tech books anymore. Learn by doing. Pay people for everything else.
With Christmas coming soon, what is your favorite thing about this time of year? Jack McDade The feels. You know the ones. When the lights are low and the is flickering with the fire glow. The music hits you just right, the hot cocoa and the lights on the tree sparkle. You feel like a kid again. Giddy with anticipation, lost in the moment, not a care in the world.
What TV show are you currently into? Jack McDade Outlander Season 4 for Drama, Travel Man for comedy.
What is your Christmas morning routine or Christmas Day routine? Jack McDade Growing up our tradition was to open our gifts Christmas Eve night, after the church service. The lights would be low, the fire would be crackling, the deserts would be plentiful, and we'd stay up late, often until 2am. We haven't done this with our kids yet, but perhaps when they're a bit older. It was magical.
For this Christmas, what would be your ideal gift? Jack McDade Simply watching my kids and their appreciation on Christmas morning.
Many of us have pets, but are you a dog or a cat person? Jack McDade Demogorgan
What is your favorite hobby, sport or pastime that isn't coding Jack McDade It's a tossup between weightlifting, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons.
A lot of the Laravel community are musical, do you have a favorite band or song? Jack McDade Crystalline by The Midnight. When that sax kicks out because my knees go weak. That's my idea of heaven right there.
Something every coder must know - what IDE doe you use? Jack McDade Atom.
The Laravel forums and chat rooms often feels like a breath of fresh air in comparison to other online groups to me. What do you like most about the Laravel community? Jack McDade How helpful and kindhearted people often are.
What was the last conference you went to? Jack McDade Laracon 2017
What is the one piece of technology (hardware or software) that you cannot do without? Jack McDade My iMac. I can live without pretty much everything else. I work from home so I rarely need a laptop.
Easy one now! What is your favorite food? Jack McDade Sushi. All the sushis.
I listen to podcast every day and most Laraveler's do too. What is your current podcast stack? Jack McDade The Adventure Zone, a podcast about 3 brothers and their dad who played Dungeons and Dragons so hard they cried.
Have you got any sage wisdom or advice; it doesn't have to be technical - you want to share with the Laravel Community? Jack McDade Life is too short to get caught up in manufactured drama. Spend less time on social media and more time working with focus. Or spending time with your family.
What is one thing you have always wanted to know? Jack McDade I have this childhood friend Dave Lewis from California. He introduced me to D&D when we were but young lads. I have no idea where he is now. Good luck investigating that one for me :) I think he now runs Tesco (UK version of Walmart) Absolute Proof
What is your favorite Christmas movie? Jack McDade Probably Home Alone (1 & 2 tied). How can anything possibly be better?
Not many of us as a kid wanted to be a developer or designer, or even knew that was an option. What did you want to be? Jack McDade A video game designer or a business owner. I tinkered with the former before deciding the latter was much safer and less risky.
Star Wars or Star Trek? Jack McDade Star Wars
How do you pronounce Laravel; Laara or Lahra? Jack McDade Laravel (like Cair Paravel from Chronicles of Narnia) LA-RA-VEL
Are you going to be coding in your free time over Christmas? Jack McDade No
Do you have a secret talent? Jack McDade I can play the piano rather well in a pinch, and while my success rate is not 100%, my ability to open stuck peanut butter jars borders on professional.
Would you rather have A) a comically large head or B) comically large feet? Jack McDade Have comically large feet
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