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Dec 23rd

Abigail Otwell

Abigail Otwell

First Lady of Laravel

Where did you grow up, I heard it was a goat farm? Abigail Otwell Hahaha! I grew up in rural PA. Not a goat farm, though we did have a couple goats. We raised chickens, cows, rabbits, turkeys and I’m sure I’m forgetting something
What do you do for a living? Abigail Otwell I am a stay at home mom. I have sold dresses and I have sewn as well. I love being able to spend more time with the kids and do projects around the house
Have you ever coded before? Abigail Otwell I have had a couple coding lessons with Taylor in the past but that’s about as far as it went
What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Abigail Otwell Seeing the joy on the kids faces when the come down on Christmas morning. I also love cooking a big breakfast and all eating together. I hear my cinnamon rolls are requested this year, again
Who cooks the Christmas dinner; You or Taylor? Abigail Otwell We actually go to my Mother in Laws on Christmas for dinner. I am baking pies to take though. I am hosting Christmas Eve at our house and we’ll do a bunch of appetizers and wear pj’s
Would you rather have to always A) Talk like Yoda or B) Breathe like Darth Vader? Abigail Otwell Talk like Yoda
What is your favorite Christmas movie? Abigail Otwell I love Home Alone :)
You have been remodelling and painting your house recently? - who had those final say on the decisions? Abigail Otwell That’s correct! Thankfully we have very similar taste so we arrived at our decisions fairly easy
What books have you been reading to recently? Abigail Otwell This is sad, but I haven’t read any recently. I was just telling Taylor the other night I wanted to find some new books
What is your favorite band / song right now? Abigail Otwell I have been on a big Nelly kick lately. I have played Pimp Juice more times than I care to admit lately.. haha!
You recently stepped in and became SuperWoman pulling a man from a burning car. Do you aspire to fight crime and save the world? Abigail Otwell Haha, no! Though I do love helping people that aren’t feeling well or need help like that. I heard he got to go home from the hospital and that made me happy Thats great news!
What do you like most about the Laravel community Abigail Otwell I love how it feels like such a big, warm family. The first time I went to a Laracon (I think it was the 3rd one) I was blown away by how friendly and fun everyone is!
Who is the snorer in the house? Abigail Otwell Thank goodness neither of us!
What piece of sage advice / wisdom do you have to offer the Laravel community? Abigail Otwell Don’t get too worked up by people on the inter webz that want to pick fights
Dogs or Cats? Abigail Otwell Dogs
Do you play or have any sports / hobbies / pastimes? Abigail Otwell No sports but I love to sew and have made probably over a thousand articles of clothes since I learned to sew at 10. I also love to bake, when I was 12 I had a stand outside our home selling baked goods
Any secret talents / abilities? (Magician, Snake Charmer, BBQ Chef Extraordinaire) Abigail Otwell I grew up butchering chickens, turkeys, and cows so Taylor always jokes if there is an apocalypse we’ll be ok 😂
What is the ideal grift for you this Christmas? - I'm sure Taylor will take note :) Abigail Otwell He upgraded my ring for Christmas and I told him not to worry about getting me anything so I’m blown away ;) 💍
Easy one - What is your favorite food? Abigail Otwell Rice. I could eat it every meal
Wars or Trek? Abigail Otwell Star Wars
As the first lady of Laravel - How do you explain to your friends/family what Taylor does and what Laravel is? Abigail Otwell Well that’s kind of tough. Everyone is like 'Now tell me what Taylor does again?' I tell them he coded a piece of software, a framework for building websites on. Then everyone goes 'Oh I need him to build my website!' Hahaha
Any advice for the partners of coders? Abigail Otwell Get interested in what they are doing. Don’t make fun of it. I can’t code but I do understand a lot of how his apps work. Encourage them to build something cool, never know where it may go I have passed this straight onto my wife :)
What one piece of technology could you not live without? Abigail Otwell Other than my phone, I love my AirPods and Alexa. I use her every day for music in the kitchen
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